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Mixed Use
Mixed Use
Marlin Hotel

18,000 square feet of abandoned space were restored into this Art deco masterpiece. The Marlin is a chic and upscale boutique hotel, sought after by photographers and filmmakers for its beautiful backdrop. Elite Models, a private recording studio, and a popular Jamaican bar are also housed at the Marlin.

Newly renovated beachfront resort with oversized one- and two-bedroom apartments, each with uniquely individualized décor.

This luxurious all-suite Art deco gem was meticulously restored with European-style elegance.

This 1930’s, 72- room beachfront hotel underwent a complete renovation. Punctuated by a clean style with a bit of edge, it has been written up in Vogue, Vanity Fair and other magazines.

The St. Moritz is part of the Loews Hotel’s 800-room oceanfront complex.

A 12-story Art Deco masterpiece, the St. Moritz was originally built in the 1930’s and restored in every detail, including historic intricate terraza floors, keystone and plaster details and wood marquetry.

With a construction budget of over $110,000,000, Loews Hotel is a centerpiece hotel for the City of Miami Beach’s convention industry.

Restored in every detail, this elegant 42-room hotel includes a first class restaurant.

The Versailles Towers suites and corridors of this renowned landmark hotel were comprehensively modernized with state-of-the-art refurbishments.

This 90-room hotel with two restaurants features traditional Colonial American architecture.